About Us

The Creative Art and Craft Foundation has been enlisted according to the trust of West Bengal government on 28th may in the year 2018 to maintain and glorify our Indian traditional culture art and crafts, and obviously for the sake of the progress and prosperity of the talents of our respected teachers and our beloved students. deed no-190303175/2018.

the training session of the creative art and craft foundation has motivated the student to learn and focus more on the Indian traditional cultural arts and traditions.

our syllabus is as follows:painting, dance, instrument, music, it is divided equally in the twelve separate years starting from(pre-primary-1 to 8th year) every year the program of the students are judgement and tested by conduction an annual examination and along with this, they are also provided with their respective certificates. despite from these we also provide few professional courses so that we can help our student to be self-supported and self-dependent citizens of our country.


Our Objective


Now a days there are tons of opportunities to culture our art. Still due to lack of proper timings and implementations our students can’t get extreme key of their successes for which they cherish.Our mission is to help our students to get their key of successes.  creative art and craft foundation has already started its journey after being granted by registered under trust (govt. west bengal)estd-2018. From teens to youths all can getheir desirable courses which can fit them..Let’s make different and be pioneer of art and Craft.


“Art ” is an undivided part of our lives.Only art can make us happy,make us cheerful, Life is changing fast. That’s why we are a nobble mission to create Creative Art and Craft Foundation, so that we can fit our students to be adapted with this changes and make them successful.



Our Activities



  1. Each Year creative Art and Craft Foundation organizes regular Cultural Program and Art Exhibition to give students an opportunity to show their talents and develop their professional skills in the fields of Art and Culture.


  1. Give affiliation to cultural institutions from various states of India and train us students of all affiliated centres under the guidance of experienced teacher according to our syllabus. And progress of each and every student and award Diploma / Certificate to successful candidates.


  1. Creative Art and Craft Foundation runs regular training classes in Fine Arts & Craft, Handicraft.


  1. We arrange workshops in various subjects like painting,craft, handicraft under the guidance of renowned artists to keep the students occupied with creative activities and bringing out their hidden talents.


  1. Running a regular library setup mainly from the fund of our training centre. It has a good stock of reference books and notations for various streams of ,Painting, Art & craft & music


  1. creative Art and Craft foundation publishes special CD and Cassettes regularly to give chances to our students in recording. It helps them increase their inspiration for the Students future life in the field of Art & Culture.


  1. We Publish a Yearly cultural Magazine to raise the cultural awareness in our society.


  1. The Kendra has a regular scheme to award scholarships to brilliant and Needy students on the basis of their results in the various examinations conducted by the Kendra.


  1. The Kendra takes special interest in the well being of education, training, recreation and all-round growth of physically disabled, slum and poor children which comprise a vast section of society.


  1. 100% Job Assistance adequate facilities for counselling and guidance and consequently have to wander far and wide in search of employment opportunities. To overcome this lacuna, special cell has been set up to provide necessary guidance and counselling to the candidates to help them secure. The qualified applicants are informed of the employment opportunities and helped in securing jobs on successful completion of their training.


  1. Give financial help to the teachers involves to Art and Culture who are ailing.
  2. To provide free free medical services for the unprivileged people.
  3. To enhance our helping hand to the unprivileged children.


Our Authorisation


1) RAGESTRED UNDER TRUST(deed no-iv-190303175/2018) GOVT. OF WEST BENGAL









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